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Floor installation instructions
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To achieve the installation of Hualong plastic wood products, attention should be paid to:

Consult local building regulations before installation.

Familiarize oneself with the installation operation guide.

Ensure that you have all the necessary tools and materials listed on the instruction sheet.

For each product, please refer to the installation guide for prompts.

When transporting Hualong plastic wood flooring, please support it to the edge for better support.

Place on a flat surface and cover with opaque materials.

Do not stack Hualong plastic wood materials arbitrarily when unloading.

Maintenance and Handling Guidelines for Floors:

Scratches, cracks, and grooves should be minimized to protect the aesthetics of Hualong plastic wood flooring. Please follow the following guidelines:

When spreading the flooring material, avoid sliding and rubbing against each other. When spreading out from the entire pile, it should be lifted and placed again.

Do not let tools or towing equipment slide on the floor surface when constructing the floor.

Avoid contact between the floor and construction waste.

Important information:

When using Hualong plastic wood products or any building materials for work, it is necessary to ensure proper clothing and equipment safety.

According to the instructions applicable to the manufacturer, standard wood working tools are available for Hualong Plastic Wood products, and fragments can be discarded together with general construction waste.

Hualong plastic wood flooring has a built-in hidden buckle system and is easy to install

Hidden buckle guide:

Use small # 8X2-1/2 "high-quality plated stainless steel or composite floor screws

Pre drilling should be completed in low cold weather conditions and within 1-1/2 "of the end of the wooden board

Do not use glue or sealant to secure the connection between Hualong plastic wood flooring, sealed flooring, and any other surface. Because this will be detrimental to the natural thermal expansion and contraction of the floor, and will hinder floor drainage.

Appropriate ventilation methods are also necessary

In order to reduce moisture under the floor, a minimum of 12 "high unobstructed continuous airspace must be left along the three sides of the floor to create a cross ventilation path, which must be placed directly below the floor keel.

In some limited use cases, including wooden boards that support internal corner buildings, additional ventilation equipment is necessary to ensure that the floor meets the building's needs.

Improper ventilation will cause damage to the floor surface and render the guarantee ineffective.

Important information:

In special circumstances, engineering inspections and/or reduced spans may be required. Please consult local building regulations frequently.

Hualong Plastic Wood Flooring Installation Guide:

Tools required for installation:

Standard tools: Basic tools such as chainsaws (desktop, handheld), electric drills, windbreakers, etc.

Engineering construction tools: level, tape, plumb bob and other engineering construction tools.

Installation diagram of stainless steel buckle:

Design a plan based on the construction intention, and budget the required materials by developing a design plan to save construction time and costs. Due to the wide variety of options available for Hualong Plastic Wood, material selection can be made according to customer preferences.

During the construction of Hualong Plastic Wood, woodworking machinery can be used for cutting, sawing, drilling, etc.

When installing the floor, the first step is to harden the ground and then fix the keel on the hardened ground. We recommend a keel spacing of 35-40cm. The spacing between keels can also be shortened according to requirements.

When installing the floor, a distance of 3cm from the building should be considered.

3. The connector of Hualong plastic wood flooring is a stainless steel buckle. To increase the gripping force of self tapping screws, the diameter of the drilled hole should be less than 3/4 of the screw diameter.

4. In specific construction, a rubber hammer should be used to gently tap the floor to ensure even gaps and the overall appearance of the construction surface.

5. Due to the large construction area, which affects the length of the board, when cross sections are required, the recommended spacing between sections is 5mm.

6.When the keel and floor cannot be connected with buckles, self tapping screws can be used to connect between the floor groove and the keel.


1. 在地板安装时,首先要对地面进行硬化预处理,然后将龙骨固定在已硬化的地面上。龙骨间距我们推荐为35-40cm。龙骨间距也可根据要求进行缩短。

2. 地板安装时,要考虑与建筑物有3cm 的间距。

3. 华龙塑木地板的另一连接件是塑料卡扣,为增加自攻螺丝的握钉力,钻孔的直径应小于螺丝直径的3/4。

4. 在具体施工中应用橡皮锤对地板进行轻轻敲打,以保证间隙的均匀和整个施工面的美观。

5. 由于施工面积较大,影响板材长度,需有截面时,截面间距推荐为5mm。

6. 在龙骨和地板无法用卡扣连接时,可用自攻螺丝在地板槽与龙骨之间进行连接。

7. 施工完毕后,根据地板和龙骨的型材尺寸,选用相辅的封边板进行封边。


1. 在地板安装时,首先要对地面进行硬化预处理,然后将龙骨固定在已硬化的地面上。龙骨间距我们推荐为35-40cm。龙骨间距也可根据要求进行缩短。

2. 实心板在安装时应考虑与建筑物有3cm 的间距。实心板安装时需用明钉进行安装,钉子位置应与板的边缘为2cm。

3. 根据第2 步的施工要求,依次进行铺装。

4. 施工完毕后,根据地板和龙骨的型材尺寸,选用相辅的封边板进行封边。

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